Tai Chi forms require space to practice, indoors or outdoors, Some forms (such as the square 24) are designed for small spaces. This simple exercise is used to help those new to Tai Chi to learn the bow stance, body turn and weight transfer required for the Yang Style forms as well as an indoor practice for those who do not have space for the more complex forms.

The move (on both sides) covers:

  • Weight transfer with body turn.
  • Weight transfer without body turn.
  • Body turn without weight transfer

The exercise is performed with the knees slightly bent and the hips rolled under and forward.
There is only one important feature. When moving weight back - ensure the knee is in line with the back foot. The simplest way of doing this is to make sure the weight is over the 3rd, 4th and little toe of the back foot (i.e. NOT on the big toe of the back foot)

I hope you enjoy and find this useful.

Simon Champion

January 2021