If you would like to come and try a session, please wear light comfortable clothing that allows free movement (e.g. tracksuit trousers and T-shirt). It is not necessary to buy particular Tai Chi clothes (such as satin/silk suits) although some members choose to wear them on special occasions


We find that flat bottom shoes are best for Tai Chi; they should fit well and have some grip on the bottom.

  • If possible, please avoid wearing "trainers" with heels; heels can restrict Tai Chi stepping.
  • Deck shoes and moccasin slippers are used by most members;
    • These can be obtained from sport shops or online retailers such as those that specialise in a wide variety of goods or auctions.
  • Any form of flat exercise socks / beach shoes that provide a level of grip and the ability to turn on the foot.
  • Others prefer flat bottom sports or even Tai Chi Shoes from specialists such as Tai Chi Link

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