COREhealth takes the current restrictions seriously; to prevent spread of COVID 19 / SARS CV2 there is both a risk assessment and an action plan:

As an Organised Exercise Event, COREhealth and Marshians sessions are excluded from the rule of 6 restrictions curently in place provided an action plan is in place:

Action Plan

  • All students must sanitise their hands on entering; there is a dispenser adjacent to both the main door and on the 2nd fire door.
  • All students must initial their name on the preprinted Track and Trace / Attendance form.
  • Masks are NOT required during classes. If you wish to wear them that is at your own discretion.
    • Masks to be worn in communual walkways, toilets and on the stairs.
  • We will not be doing any push hands or physical contact demonstrations during sessions
    • any application demonstrations will be between members of my Pod and myself - Kim, Katrina and Sue
  • We will stay 2M apart during session.
  • We will leave via the Fire Door.
  • I will clean surfaces used, door handles etc, as we leave.
  • Toilet facilities are available: only 1 person in a toilet at a time - there is a lock on the outer door to prevent a 2nd person from entering
    •  please let me know so I can clean door handles etc before we leave. Masks to be worn in the toilets


If you experience

  • Signs of COVID 19 (e.g. high temp: a new continuous cough; change to sense of smell or taste; unexplained fatigue).
  • Have you been in contact, in the last 14 days with someone who has been diagnosed or suspected of having COVID 19
  • Been contacted by NHS Track and Trace and asked to self Isolate?
  • Have you recently returned from travelling to a country on the Governments Quarantine list.


  1. Do not attend the Tai Chi class
  2. Contact Simon Champion to notify other students.