The government has announced organised outdoor exercise can begin as of Monday, March 29th.

COREhealth is pleased to announce the resumption of Tai Chi classes.

Schedule and location is as follows:

COREhealth (Beginners and Improvers)

Wednesday, March 31st, Weekly, Outdoors Pageant Gardens, Sherborne 17:50 to 19:10

COREhealth (Advanced, including Sword)

Thursday, April 1st, Weekly, Outdoors Pageant Gardens, Sherborne 17:50 to 19:10

COREhealth, Marshians, All students

Saturday, April 10th, Weekly, Outdoors Pageant Gardens, Sherborne 14:00 to 15:00

Marshians (Improvers and Advanced)

Wednesday, March 31st, Weekly, Outdoors Yeovil Marsh 13:50 to 15:30


We anticipate indoor sessions will resume on the week commencing Monday May 17th.

Best regards and stay safe

For more information / updates please contact Simon Champion

pageant With COVID 19 still impeding our lives, and vaccinations for all just around the corner, we are planning with hope, to hold this years session in Pageant Gardens Sherborne.

In the past, we have been hosted by South Dorset Tia Chi, in Dorchester - this year we have invited them to join join us in Sherborne.

The event is free and open to all students of Tai Chi, other clubs in the area and members of the public - either to watch or take part.

World Tai Chi Day is a celebration of Tai Chi, around the world with 1 hour of Tai Chi being performed between 10am and 11am in each Time Zone, starting with Western Samoa and moving west around the world with the clock.

We will be doing simple (and more complex) Tai Chi routines as demonstrations inclding Tai Chi Sword routines.

The invitation has been extend to 4 other local clubs and the hope is that many will attend.

The necessary paperwork has been sent to Sherborne Town Council for Permission to hold the event in the Gardens.

We hope to see you all at the end of April

for further details, please contact Simon Champion



The Club now has a Risk Assessment with a view to putting a "World Tai Chi Day" (One World, One Breath) in our calendar for for April 24th, 10-11am in Pageant Gardens, Sherborne.

At the same time, the Sessions Page (menu) has been reorganised to have separate pages for:

What to wear has been updated with a few images of suitable footwear.

Stay Safe

Simon Champion

Back in December, Trevor was kind enough to Film me doing the simple indoor exercise - useful for beginners and for advance students stuck indoors with limited space.

The video is in the open area in the Tai Chi and Chi Kung area. The direct link to the page is here: "Tai Chi Simple Indoor Exercise"

Best regards and stay safe

For more information / updates please contact Simon Champion

2020 10 11 15.56.20

On a warm sunny Sunday, 11 students turned out at the Upwey Memorial Hall to take part in a workshop led by Simon Watson ( Longfei Taijiquan Association of Great Britain ) covering the Yang Style 24 condensed routine in detail; the workshop was kindly organised by South Dorset Tai Chi and was attended by Trevor and Simon from CORE health

Simon Watson is Senior Technical Advisor to Longfei Taijiquan Association of Great Britain. He began his training 21 years ago with his father Richard Watson. Since the formation of Longfei in 1991 he has trained extensively with his father, Professor Li De Yin and Master Wang Yanji. He has had a successful career in British Taiji competition and has been team captain to the British Wushu Team for both the European and World Wushu Championships.

After arriving at 9:30, the session started at 10:00am with three Qigong (including the 12 as warm up). Simon then invited the 11 students to perform the 24 twice to music, carefully observing everyone as we went through the 6 minute routine. The coaching then begin.

Simon uses wit and humour mixed liberaly with reminiscences from his long experience of Taiji and Qigong to reinforce his detailed knowledge of the form and it's details. This year, as last year, Simon went through some of the finer points about the routine, the Taijiquan forms in general with a large focus on the applications to provide a canvas for our understanding of the forms.

Both Trevor and I took notes which I will write up and put in the members area.

As always, there were minor revisions to the details of many of the moves and, just to mix things up, new and different applications for Ye Ma Fen Zong.

For detailed report on the subtle changes, please see the report in the members area.