taichilinkTai Chi Link was established to provide Tai Chi and Chinese Martial Arts students with a source of instructional videos, reading materials and other supplies of equipment to help with their study. When our students and fellow instructors tried and failed to find a good training sword or a nice pair of training shoes at affordable price, we knew with our close contact to China and many renowned Tai Chi masters, we can offer something special and good value for money.

Since Tai Chi Link started some 10 years ago, we have supplied to over 1,000 customers including instructors and general enthusiasts. With very little advertising, many of our customers came from word of mouth recommendation and to our great comfort many customers have become regular users of Tai Chi Link.

We are pleased to say that all our products are highly recommended by Tai Chi community in China and have the seal of approval by professional sources and our customers.
In more recent years, Tai Chi Link started to organize tailor made TRIPS TO CHINA for Tai Chi Schools and Associations in the UK. On each and every trip that we organized, we were overwhelmed by the amount of positive feedbacks from members of the group.