141024 BlueLogoCOREhealth Tai Chi and Chi Kung clubs currently run in Sherborne and Yeovil supporting Tai Chi students of all ages from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Some come with Stress & other Health problems, some for Relaxation, Exercise & Fun, others to study for its own rewards and some out of plain curiosity.

Maximum size of attendance at any one session is limited to 15, so everyone gets personal attention and can see what is going on!

The BBC's 'Trust me, I'm a doctor' set out to discover whether Tai Chi is as good for you as vigorous exercise. They ran a series of tests on presenter Dr Michael Mosley as well as two test groups, one of which did zumba and the other Tai Chi. View this three minute clip(link is external).

"As might be expected, our Zumba group were all fitter after 12 weeks. Their blood vessels were more elastic and their blood pressure had dropped. Their blood results improved in line with people undertaking an exercise regime.

More surprisingly, the results from the tai chi group also showed similar benefits to the more rigorous Zumba group, with improvements in blood biomarkers, blood pressure and vessel flexibility.

The answer as to why tai chi might have similar benefits may rest in the fact that tai chi might not be as gentle as it seems. Previous studies undertaken by Sarah and Jet show that people who practise tai chi have a similar rise in heart rate to those doing moderate intensity exercise."

Some of the benefits of Tai Chi are:

  • Improved Circulation       
  •  Peace of Mind
  •  Relaxation
  •  Promotes Improved Breathing
  •  Concentration
  •  Self Defence
  •  De-stressing
  •  Strength
  •  Physical Equilibrium
  •  Balance


There is no upper age limit and those with limited mobility, or who are wheelchair users, are welcome to attend. If someone has a Carer, then the Carer may accompany their Caree to sessions at no charge, provided that the Caree is a Member of the Club.

At this time, we have several members in their seventies and eighties a number of parents bring their children along to sessions and their ages range from 8 to 14+.

PHOTO CREDITS: Those at Sherborne were kindly taken by David Durant, & those at Tintinhull by Simon Champion.