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This is on the last Saturday of April (29th for 2017).   It starts at the International Date Line and moves around the world.   In 90-plus Countries on Six Continents, from 10:00-11:00 local time, many hundreds of groups gather to practise Tai Chi & Chi Kung in public.

This year, we shall again be using the Dorchester Borough Gardens for our event; assembling at about 09:30 and departing at about 11:30, thus giving plenty of time for those participating to get together and exchange ideas & experiences.

Come along - watch or participate - it’s up to you - but enjoy the occasion!

Gallery of Photographs from World Tai Chi & Chi Kung Day 2016; Photos courtesy of Julian Oxborough, Roy Martindale & Dorchester Camera Club:-


Patrick is tutor on a series of 'Taster Days' in Tai Chi & Chi Kung that have been running at Dillington since 2004. Dillington House is a beautifully kept manor house that doubles as Somerset County Council's Arts Centre. They run a magnificent selection of day and weekend courses on everything from archeology to zoology; with topics such as chamber music, aromatherapy, genealogy & photography in the middle!

The next session will be on: Saturday March 11 2017;Chi Kung Exercises to Relax the Heart & Stimulate the Circulation - suitable for all.

For more information, please contact Dillington House on 01460-258613.


The following members are some of many who have benefited from the regimes they have learned at COREhealth sessions. This is a small selection from our archives.

FEMALE, born October 1955: A fall during pregnancy caused chronic injury to the lower spine & sacroiliac that resulted in constant pain & limited mobility; since starting COREhealth sessions in 1997 her mobility has increased substantially and – although musculoskeletal problems still occur – they are much less frequent and less disabling than in the past.

FEMALE, born July 1963: Among other conditions, she has problems with spatial awareness, rhythm & general stress; on starting COREhealth sessions in November 2002, she was unable to focus on specific movements and was unable to stand still for more than about 5 seconds; she is now coping well with these problems, is learning to control movement well and is able to stand still for several minutes.

MALE: Computer Scientist operating in a senior role within an occupation noted for high stress levels; before starting COREhealth sessions in May 2003 he had a stress-related episode linked to his somewhat obsessive approach to life, plus a sports injury to both his left ankle & right knee; he is now a COREhealth senior student with full mobility & strength in both legs, who also teaches beginners and has channelled his obsession into areas outside his work, as well as becoming much calmer and better able to deal with stress in the work environment.