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Weekly Sessions

Membership is by invitation of Patrick Harries. There are several categories of Membership, shown below. All Membership Fees are payable by Standing Order.

Sessions run for a guaranteed 45 weeks a year; they do not run to school terms as Members find this disruptive to their progress and enjoyment. Over Xmas there is a period of about 2 weeks when sessions do not run, as Members give priority to their family commitments at that time. Other than that, there may be odd weeks when halls are not avilable, due to redecoration or repairs and occasions when Patrick Harries is away on training courses - or even on holiday! There are usually more than 45 weeks a year of sessions and so any 'extra' weeks are a free bonus for Members.

New Members and Visitors may pay cash for the first four weeks of attendance, after which a Standing Order for the appropriate fee must be put in place. New Members & Visitors currently pay £5 per session. Visitors may only attend two weeks in every four at any venue.

SINGLE VENUE MEMBERSHIP currently costs £18.75 a month. This does not include insurance or membership of COREhealth's parent organisation, Longfei Taijiquan Association (GB) and may vary if costs change. It entitles the Member to attend ONE session a week at a nominated venue. The latter may be varied from time to time with the agreement of Patrick Harries.

FULL MEMBERSHIP is currently £33 a month. It entitles the Member to attend as many weekly sessions as they wish and is guaranteed not to increase during the Member's continuous tenure. Should a Member discontinue their Standing Order, they will be deemed to have resigned and should they wish to re-join, they must pay the rate for Full Members then applying.

Full Membership also includes insurance and Membership of Longfei Taijiquan (GB), which entitles the Member to attend higher level courses at Members' rates.

DISABLED MEMBERSHIP is offered to those who require a Carer in attendance when they come to COREhealth sessions. Provided that the Member is present and is paying the appropriate fee, the Carer may attend and participate in sessions without further charge. The Carer has no Membership privileges in their own right unless they join in their own name. The Carer is responsible for the safety and conduct of the Member in their charge.

SCHOOL AGE CHILDREN may attend, and participate in, sessions without charge, provided that each one is accompanied by a Member of the Club who is paying by Standing Order. The conduct and safety of children attending are the responsibility of the accompanying Member and they will be asked to leave if they cause unacceptable disruption to the session. School age children accompanying Members, but who do not wish to participate, may read or do homework in a designated location within the venue. The accompanying Member is responsible for the child's safety and conduct, as above.

CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP is not available at present. Organisations wishing to have COREhealth run sessions for their employees may follow either of two options:

1/ They may sponsor individual employees as Members, but the individuals join under their own names and set up Standing Orders through their own bank accounts;

2/ They may contract with COREhealth to provide bespoke sessions for employees, paying COREhealth an agreed fee for each session. As a guide - depending on the location and the number of sessions booked - costs are currently £50 per one-hour session plus £25 per hour travelling time.