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Please Note!

For the time being, the sessions are in abeyance,  due to the Stroke suffered by Patrick Harries.  We hope to start again before the end of Novenber.

 Welcome to COREhealth!

Are you tough enough for Tai Chi?   Many people think that because Tai Chi is slow, then it must be easy - nothing could be further from the truth!   The only times that the knees are straight are at the beginning - before the exercise starts - and at the end.   Apart from that, the knees, hips and ankles are supporting the body weight.

In our Chi Kung routines, the knees constantly bend and straighten but always slowly and under control.   This style of exercise deliberately seeks to flex, twist and extend joints, in order to stimulate the body’s energy.   It also looks to control breathing, using the diaphragm and not the upper chest, which can be of great assistance to those with asthma, COPD and other breathing problems.   It is no sinecure, but is a great ‘self-help’ benefit to health!

Clubs currently run across North & West Dorset although we are always looking for new venues and welcome enquiries from interested groups in East Devon, West Wiltshire & Somerset.

Students are of all ages and from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Some come with STRESS & other HEALTH problems, others for RELAXATION & FUN, still others to study for its own rewards and some out of plain curiosity. Maximum size of attendance at any one session is limited to 15, so everyone gets personal attention and can see what is going on!

Youngsters of school age are welcome, and are not required to pay Membership fees, provided that each one is accompanied by a parent or guardian who is a Member of the Club. There is no upper age limit and those with limited mobility, or who are wheelchair users, are welcome to attend the Chi Kung sessions. If someone has a Carer, then the Carer may accompany their Caree to sessions at no charge, provided that the Caree is a Member of the Club.

At this time, we have several members in their eighties and nineties; a number of parents bring their children along to sessions from time to time and their ages range from 8 to 14+.

PHOTO CREDITS: Those at Sherborne were kindly taken by David Durant, & those at Tintinhull by Simon Champion.   Those at Dorchester Borough Gardens are courtesy of the Dorchester Camera Club.

(In due course we shall introduce the amazing Tai Chi Kung Fu Fan routine - only for the brave-hearted!)

Daoyin Yangsheng Gong ('BODY MAINTENANCE') -

· Movements to Improve General Health

· Harmonise the Stomach & Stimulate the Spleen

- Exercises to Calm the Heart & Regulate the Blood

- Chi Kung for Stress Relief

· Diabetes Prevention & Amelioration

· Muscles, Bones & Sinews Protection

Other Daoyin routines 'In the pipeline' include 2 new General Purpose routines, 2 Baton routines and others dealing with Circulation & Respiration.

COREhealth was founded in 1994 by Patrick Harries, the Principal Instructor. Patrick was the student of Bao Naijian from 1986 until Bao’s death in 1998 and was accredited by Bao to teach.

Bao Naijian was the first Master of Sport created by the People’s Republic of China. He learned martial arts – including Tai Chi – and Traditional Chinese Medicine from his father & grandfather, but then became a gymnast at age 14, because he found that martial arts were not enough of a challenge!

Bao won the Chinese National Gymnastics Championship for 8 years in a row and then became the National Coach, a post which he held until his move to Shaftesbury in 1986. His status as a coach was such that he ran International Masterclasses for gymnastics coaches and was invited, at various times, to coach the national teams of Iraq, North Korea, Indonesia & Iceland.

As well as Bao’s initial accreditation, which he values above all others, Patrick Harries has acquired a number of other qualifications. He is a 'Recognised GP Activity Referral Leader', which means that doctors and other health professionals may refer patients to him for activity advice & practice.

Patrick is also a Level 2 Coach, through the British Council for Chinese Martial Arts, an Advanced Coach recognised by the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain (of which he is an Honorary Vice-President) an Accredited Coach with the English Daoyin Yangsheng Gong Association and an Instructor Member of the Long Fei Taijiquan Association (GB).

His most recent award is that of 4th Duan in Dao Yin Yang Sheng Gong, achieved during a Seminar & Competition held at the Beijing Sports University in April 2010, where the team from the Longfei Taijiquan Association (GB) won a Gold Medal.   Patrick was presented with his 4th Duan & Gold Medal Certificates by Professor Zhang Guangde, the originator of the Daoyin Yangsheng Gong exercises.